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The Racer Kawasaki NINJA 250R

The Kawasaki heavy scale industry manufactures Kawasaki motorcycles and engines. The Kawasaki fuel tank holds an emblem indicating its initial manufacturer “The Aircrafts”. The previous generation Kawasaki Ninja bikes are an entry level sports bike.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R is powered with a double cylinder engine of four
stroke with 249cc displacement. A high performance engine delivers
smooth and power free utilization of the engine. The combustion chamber
is specially designed for maximum efficiency to reduce oil consumption.
The exhaust and valves are timed for mid and low torque ranges. There
are six transmission lets to exploit 250R’s powerband. Thin headed
valves reduce the reciprocating weight. The chain tensioner minimizes
mechanical noise allowing better performance. The chamber size,
connecting pipe’s diameter and length are determined to reduce noise. It
has two catalysts in the collector pipe and silencer to restrict
emissions. Cooling is achieved by dense radiators of minimal weight and
size. Additional fins on the lower crankcase provide cooling. The spring
clutch damper unit reduces shocks for smooth clutch feeling and

Kawasaki bike has a telescopic front end of 37mm with firm moulding
for stable handling and better ride control. Kawasaki Ninja 250R carries
17” wheels that prevent skidding and contribute neutral handling under
low speeds. The brakes are of large diameters with a balanced piston
caliper for excellent braking. The petal shaped brakes provide great
looks like other sports models. The dual headlight, slim tail, separate
seats enhances the look of the sports bike. Its features an analog
speedometer, tachometer, trip meter, warning lights and a fuel gauge
with a neutral indicator. The 30.5” height seat boosts riders with
confidence. The windscreens provide wind protection for various riding
situations and enhance the looks of the sporty bike.

The versatility of the sports bikes appeals to novice bikes and sports riders. Kawasaki Ninja 250R Price
is Rs 2,28,000 which sounds expensive but a perfect match for entry
level rider. Kawasaki Ninja 250R reviews boast of its dominating force
in the sports world. Ninja 250R is a light weight, nimble bike designed
for a pleasure ride. It is a first class winner of top performance with
remarkable sporting style to adventure the newer you. It is a modern
sportbike for beginners.