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How to choose a mobility scooter for facilitating freedom of movement

All about mobility scooters, including power wheelchairs, battery powered scooters, motorized mobility scooters, swivel mobility scooters, folding mobilty scooters, travel mobility scooters, bariatric scooters, Micro, Whispa, Quingo scooters etc

How to choose a mobility scooter that assists those who are mobility challenged from Arthritis, Muscular diseases, Diabetes and other ailments hampering movement is tough. Using a mobility scooter opens up new avenues for such users which was previously impossible to attain. A scooter improves the quality of life as it enables the afflicted person to keep up with the activities of other people as well as to achieve independent operation.

Finding the appropriate mobility scooter can be overwhelming considering the different shapes, sizes, brands and their diverse features. Some of the factors meriting evaluation are carrying capacity, place of usage, transportability, storage, terrain and height of the user, etc.

The weight of the scooter is a preliminary consideration as its carrying capacity depends on the rider’s weight and the items to be carried on it. The objects may consist of groceries, walkers, oxygen tanks and other such utility stuff. It is appropriate to buy the vehicle with the ideal weight carrying capacity for better performance on rough grounds or uneven terrain.

Considering these points, it is recommended to buy a scooter which has a higher weight carrying capacity. This necessitates choosing a model that meets the requirement lest the risk of damaging the scooter and not being covered by warranty is a possibility. It also puts tremendous strain on batteries and reduces battery longevity.

The place where the mobility scooter would be used, whether at home or grocery store or market places, are factors for consideration. Usage in such confined areas demand that scooters with small turning radius or three wheelers are selected. In some cases, even a smaller scooter which fits through door ways is also recommended.

At times, people feel that three wheel vehicles are less stable than their four-wheel counterparts. This depends on the flooring characteristics, however, on over-smooth grounds three wheelers are as stable as four-wheelers. Added safety features of such units are anti-tip wheels for maneuverability and built-in suspension for smooth rides.

The four-wheeler ones are more effective on rougher terrains for providing increased stability and better balance. They have higher turn radius and can cover longer distances at faster speed. Next consideration prior to purchase is whether vehicles have sufficient space to transport the scooter to its destination.

Space available for scooter storage and strength necessary to lift the dismantled parts are other factors. Some travel scooters are designed for easy transportation in aircrafts without needing much strength or additional equipments such as ramp or lifts. There are mobility scooters which come with lightweight components for easy transportation, storage, dismantling and assembling.

Other factors include choosing a vehicle with larger leg space for tall persons while petite users should opt for smaller scooters. Reputable dealers would always assist potential buyers to choose the perfect mobility scooter which will provide years of quality service.

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