An introduction to trikes

A trike is a motorized three wheeled vehicle, often with an appearance closer to a motorcycle than to a car. These machines have increased in popularity in recent years, being seen as an excellent alternative to motorbikes.

There are strict definitions of what most owners think of a trike as being. A motorcycle with a sidecar is not, for instance, seen as being one, despite the fact that it has three wheels.

Real trikes are usually custom made, often involving using a car engine as the power source. A popular engine that is used is one taken from a Volkswagen Beetle. Such an engine will give a three wheeled vehicle just the right amount of acceleration and speed.

So why have they become so popular in recent years?

One reason has been that they are seen as a more stable alternative to a motorcycle. This makes them perfect for those with stability problems – this form of vehicle provides the thrill of riding a two wheeled machine, with the increased feeling of safety provided by that extra wheel.

Another important development has been in the way that the machines look. Specialist firms have been keen to spruce up their trike designs, producing machines that look great, as well as offering the expected performance levels.

There’s a whole culture that goes with riding these machines too. That culture places trike owners in the same bracket as motorcycle owners, distinct from those of us who drive cars and other four wheeled vehicles.

Indeed, there are regular get togethers in the UK where bikers and trike owners meet.

As with other forms of transport, there are environmental concerns surrounding the three wheelers. Some manufacturers are looking to ease such worries by attempting to produce more environmentally friendly models.

Whether such models gain popularity will be interesting. One thing is for certain – trike owners will continue to enjoy the experience of riding these unique vehicles.

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